ASEAN Anthem

Article 40 of the ASEAN Charter stipulates that ASEAN shall have an anthem. In 2008, a region-wide ASEAN Anthem Competition was organised to select the best composition for an ASEAN Anthem. The ASEAN Way, the winning entry from Thailand, was selected from 99 finalists by a panel of judges from ASEAN Member States, China, Japan and Australia. The ASEAN Way was composed by Mr. Kittikhun Sotprasoet and Mr. Sampow Triudom, and lyrics written by Mrs. Payom Valaiphatchra. The ASEAN Way was officially used for the first time during the Opening Ceremony of the 14th ASEAN Summit on 28 February 2009 in Hua Hin, Thailand.
Guidelines on the Use of the ASEAN Anthem
  1. The ASEAN Anthem is an expression of ASEAN unity. It also strengthens the sense of ASEAN identity and belonging among the peoples of the region.
  2. The ASEAN Anthem is titled “THE ASEAN WAY”, with musical composition and lyrics as attached.
  3. The ASEAN Anthem is under the copyright of ASEAN with the ASEAN Secretariat as the main body to oversee its proper use.

Lyrics, “The ASEAN Way”

Raise our flag high, sky high
Embrace the pride in our heart
ASEAN we are bonded as one
Look-in out to the world.
For peace, our goal from the very start
And prosperity to last.
We dare to dream we care to share.
Together for ASEAN
we dare to dream,
we care to share for it’s the way of ASEAN.


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